Clare Fleming

Witnessing hospice care and experiencing loss moved me to explore the privilege and honour of accompanying someone contemplating or nearing the end of their life. With a background in television production, I have taken gentle steps to learn and develop the approach and skills of a doula supported by the extraordinary training that Living Well … Read more

Laura Taylor

I’m an End-of-Life Doula based in London and in-training with ‘Living Well Dying Well’. I’m also developing a holistic healing practice alongside my doula work.   It has been said that Doulas are the bookends to life: there at the beginning and companions at the end. Death is something we all have in common. I … Read more

Rebekah Domer

Rebekah Domer

Caring for others has been the bedrock of my life from young on. I cared for my sister, who had Down Syndrome, for my first twenty-seven years until she died in my arms at the age of twenty-eight. I then went on to accompany my mother until her death from cancer, after which I became … Read more

Ann Kempster

Photo of Ann Kempster, end of life doula

Hello. I was drawn to becoming a Doula after being with my sister from her terminal diagnosis through to her death. It taught me that life can be lived until the final breath. I understood that sometimes, just to have someone there, can be enough. At other times, being practical and helping with end of … Read more

Mariana García

Photo of Mariana García, End of Life Doula UK

I am a trained bilingual psychologist with experience in clinical psychology, research, teaching and psychosocial projects. After finishing my Masters in Community Psychology, I started working with vulnerable communities, but since my dad’s death in 2015 I have dedicated myself to deepening my knowledge about death and dying, while also donating my time and skills … Read more

Lis Stewart

Photo of Lis Stewart, End of Life Doula UK

I am 62-year-old retired medical receptionist with other work experience in hospital settings, married, no children and well travelled.  I believe in community and that dying is a natural process which will happen to us all.  Sadly, death is increasingly viewed as unnatural and to take place in a medical facility with lots of machines … Read more

Judy Knox

Photo of Judy Knox, End of Life Doula UK

I am a Doula in training with Living Well Dying Well and live in London with my husband and 22 year old son.  My mantra for life is ‘carpe diem’ and I believe in living life to the full and enjoying all that I am blessed with. Death has become a taboo subject in today’s … Read more

Sarah Chapman

Photo of Sarah Chapman, End of Life Doula UK

My name is Sarah and I am based in south Devon.  I have three adult children and two gorgeous grandchildren and all of them are a big part of my life.  I moved to this area to do a degree in Theatre and Arts Management nearly 30 years ago and enjoy walks in the countryside … Read more

Vicky Jackson

Photo of Vicky Jackson, end of life doula

During the past 30 years I have raised two children and run a successful Fair Trade Clothing Company.  I am based on the Devon Cornwall Border and have recently completed the Living Well Dying Well Foundation Training Course.  I am passionate about growing food and living in harmony with the land and all its inhabitants.  … Read more

Bob Chiang

Photo of Bob Chiang - End of Life Doula UK

I am a Doula in training and also the Midlands Regional Lead for End of Life Doula UK, living in Buxton, Derbyshire.  I was born in Singapore, lived in Kuwait when I was younger, and grew up in Scotland.  I work as a Gardener, Mindfulness coach, Tai Chi instructor, and a Deep Tissue Massage Therapist. … Read more