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Sara Miles

More about me

I’m a caring supportive woman who wants to help other women with their end of life situations and challenges. I’ve completed the End of Life Doula Foundation course, and I’m hoping to continue my training onto the Diploma course soon. I volunteer at my local Hospice and have experience looking after my 94 year old Grandma at her End of Life. I’m quite a spiritual soul and open to all peoples’ choices of religion and beliefs. I respect others’ values, opinions and ways of living. I can help with many different areas: emotional, social, practical, financial and physical (non- medical). I’ve also had extra training on completing “living wills” and lasting power of attorney forms. I believe it’s very important at anyone’s end of life that they are actively listened to, as comfortable as possible and ideally have the death they want. It’s a death doulas role to try to help their wishes be fulfilled as much as possible. A doula can also help the family and carers with their feelings and thus help with the loss and grief too. If you’re in the Cheshire area and would like to talk to see if I can help at all, please get in touch.