Aly Dickinson

Offers doula services in Devon

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More about me

Aly here – I am a practising doula based in Devon being alongside people and those they love with a life limiting illness or who are frail and elderly. Sometimes I have been with people for just a few weeks and in other circumstances for over a year.  It is a privilege to accompany a person in the last part of their life – concentrating on what really matters for them and doing all I can to make sure their preferences and wishes are respected – practically and emotionally.  I love too working with people to prepare their plan for End of Life, at any stage in their life – where they want to die; medical treatments they would want and not want; how they want to be cared for and by whom.

I trained with Living Well Dying Well after years of working in HR. I am now out and about in my community as a Doula and raising awareness of all things death and dying related. I facilitate community events such as end of life planning, funeral planning, death cafes, information sessions and Bereavement Cafes.

All the best to you and yours, Aly