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More about me

I am a Doula in training with Living Well Dying Well and live in London with my husband and 22 year old son.  My mantra for life is ‘carpe diem’ and I believe in living life to the full and enjoying all that I am blessed with.

Death has become a taboo subject in today’s society and I would like to try and help normalise death and conversations around death; death is a certainty for us all. At the end of life, we can still live our best life with love, laughter and joy as well as coming to terms with the sadness of letting go. We are alive until we take our last breath and my hope is to be able to support people to live their best life until they take that last breath.

A terminal diagnosis can be very lonely for the person diagnosed and I can be there as a compassionate and empathic companion, offer a listening ear and be an advocate if necessary.  I will also support the family and those closest to my client should that be wished for.  I hope to enable people to have the chance to plan for a natural death in the surroundings of their choice.  Being a companion in death is one of the greatest privileges and such a gift to me from my client and their family.

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