Ann Kempster

Offers doula services in Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire
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More about me

Hello. I was drawn to becoming a Doula after being with my sister from her terminal diagnosis through to her death. It taught me that life can be lived until the final breath. I understood that sometimes, just to have someone there, can be enough. At other times, being practical and helping with end of life planning or planning your funeral is needed, or just sorting out the shopping, or making a cup of tea is enough. Sometimes, being able to talk about fears, regrets or fury and other emotions with someone outside of the family is useful. Cathartic. Comforting. Relieving. Someone who can hold the space. Someone that doesn’t judge.

I volunteer in a hospice and have done since 2019. I see the love, compassion, tenderness and calm practicality at work, and how it helps and soothes the patients. I can bring that to you. At your home or in a hospice. I also work with your loved ones – family or friends, helping you all with the challenges that present themselves at the end of life and afterwards.

A doula can help you emotionally, spiritually and practically. I have always believed that no-one should die alone, unless they choose to. Your choices will be respected.

As a Doula in Training I am ready to help anyone within the South Beds, North Bucks, North Herts area. I live in Leighton Buzzard, so anywhere within a 45 min drive is ok. If you think I can help you, please contact me.