Katrina Taee

First I was a nurse at the Middlesex Hospital. I then went to work for a GP.  After that I started my own family. I then returned to education at the Psychosynthesis Trust in London and obtained a Post Graduate Diploma to work as a Psychosynthesis Counsellor between. I was a Senior Accredited Counsellor. For … Read more

Molly Taylor

I’m passionate about enabling people to have a good death through the way of fully educating them in the process, planning and guidance of all they are entitled to know and receive. In childhood I suffered a lot of illness and early on began to contemplate my own and others mortality and questioned whether there … Read more

Lynne Carnie

I am an End of Life Doula in-training based in the South East of England.  My experience of walking with relatives through end of their lives, led me to Living Well Dying Well in an effort to find a better way to support them and myself through this time.  Since commencement of my training, I … Read more