Is there life after death?

Keeping this short and sweet.

People often say, ‘you must find it difficult when someone has died’.  This is how I look at it.  Being with someone who is dying is the most magical experience there is. You connect with that person heart to heart – all the day to day trivia and trials become unimportant as I am with that person absolutely focused on what is happening for them as they leave life and face towards death.  When they have died it is like the ending of an fantastic book – you turn the last page with regret it has ended, close the covers and know that the end has come but you don’t forget the book.

But that isn’t really the end – there is the wife, the husband, the lover, the son, the daughter all of whom may still need a Doula – could be to plan the funeral, could be to register the death, could be to sort out household arrangements, could be to be there for them in their grief and sadness in whatever way they want.  So, to use the cliché life goes on.

And as to is there life after death – I have no idea – it’s a complete mystery and that’s okay me.