Advance Planning Workshops – April, July, October 2023

Advance Planning Workshops for Doulas and Doulas in Training – Online

Friday 20th and Friday 27th October, 12-3pm

Cost £74.50 with limited number of subsidised places available. This is a members only workshop – you will need to be logged in to book your place

Those who have trained or are in training with Living Well Dying Well will have had a brief introduction to Advance Planning for End of Life.  This workshop goes further and provides the confidence, knowledge and skills to do this work with individuals at any stage in their lives.  On the workshop we cover the Advance Planning Umbrella and all that it can entail

  • Advance Decisions to Refuse Treatment (Advance Directives Scotland)             
  • Do Not Hospitalise
  • Lasting Power of Attorney (Power of Attorney Scotland)                                           
  • Loss of Capacity and Dementia
  • Do Not Attempt Resuscitation                                                                                         
  • Organ Donation
  • Proxy Spokesperson                                                                                                          
  • Digital Legacy
  • Advance Statements/Wishes & Preferences
  • Funeral Planning

At the end of the workshop we will equip you and provide ongoing mentoring to prepare your own Advance Plan For End of Life and to undertake your first planning session with a friend or family member. Some of us who have done the workshop have gone on to offered this as a service for which we have been paid.

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