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Offers doula services in Midlands, Wales
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I am a retired nurse, Nonna (my preferred name as a grandmother) dog lover and allotment owner living in the Mumbles which is a sub district of Swansea. I firmly believe that we need to have conversations about death and dying, making plans as we do for other events in our lives. After the death of my father some years ago I began to explore this and found myself training to become a doula. This ongoing journey has been one of self-discovery, reflection, personal growth and surprise. When people ask me about the role of a doula it’s often a conversation stopper, some people being uncomfortable with speaking about death and dying. To be fair there was a time in my life that I too felt that discomfort. I feel that it’s a great privilege to be a doula and walk alongside someone at the end of their life, holding space, listening and facilitating their wishes and desires. Death and dying has become a medicalised process, it should however be a normal part of living and life itself. I feel honoured to be a part of this growing movement.