Vicky Sullivan

Offers doula services in Essex, London

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More about me

The book “Being Mortal” had been in my Amazon wish list for a while until in November 2017 I finally listened to its calling.  I truly feel that it was life changing or rather life enhancing as I quickly became convinced that there must be a better way of “dealing” with our loved ones and ensuring that the end of their lives was as important as the beginning.  This led me to train as an End of Life Doula.  I have gone through the Living Well Dying Well Advance Care Planning Workshop to equip me to work in my community to support people to plan for end of life.  I volunteer at a local hospice.

I believe in the Death Café movement and want to help people talk about death more openly and with less fear.  It is my wish that we bring death back into the community, and be able to inform people about the support and benefits that are available to actively support our loved ones at home.