Tracey Stone

Offers doula services in Bristol, Spain

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More about me

Hello! My name is Tracey and I am training with Living Well Dying Well to support anyone who might enjoy some company, practical/emotional support and a hand to hold whilst you’re stepping off into the ‘great unknown’!  Dying, like birth, can be a tricky business, but I believe it can be done well, whatever ‘well’ might mean for you.

I’ve enjoyed seeing enough of life to have learned about living and caring and the good and sometimes not so good things.  I was born in a Yorkshire coal mining town but I’ve lived in Calderdale (wild moors/friendly folk), Edinburgh (light/inspiring), Berlin (very exciting!) Bristol (colourful/warm/creative) and I’m now spending more time in Tarifa near Cadiz in Spain (elemental/wild!)  I have two lovely daughters and my parents live in Devon so I’m lucky to be able to spend time there too.

I’ve worked for 20 years at the University of Bristol where I was awarded my PhD in Ethics in Medicine in 2003.  I’m a researcher in Public Health talking to health care workers and patients to help improve health care delivery with a particular interest in End of Life and Palliative care issues.  I’m also a British Wheel of Yoga qualified teacher and live in the countryside just outside Bristol.

Photo of Tracey Stone, End of Life Doula