Sarah Wardell

Offers doula services in Herefordshire
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I have lived and worked with the holding and supporting of others (family, friends, and patients), through the final days of their lives.  I continue to value, learn and appreciate all that this unique experience brings to everyone involved.  My passion lies with working with people nearing the end of their life and supporting them and their families with the final challenges that life can present to them.  I also believe in offering this opportunity to all, whatever their background or life experiences, seeking to challenge any injustices that may arise from oppression or discrimination.

My history to date?  A qualification and career in social work with a range of client groups – children, adults, carers, palliative care, and now as a Practice Educator of student and newly qualified social workers; a qualification in Adlerian Counselling and now working in private practice; voluntary work; all alongside a range of eclectic skills gathered over the years including running a guest house, vegan recipe writing and catering for many! Now, as an End of Life Doula, I seek to support whoever may need this in my local community (South Shropshire / North Herefordshire / West Worcestershire).

I believe in providing a safe space for each individual and family to explore the issues that they want to address – be those practical or emotional – and support them in achieving all that is realistically possible.

Sarah Wardell

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