Rosie Hadden

Offers doula services in Cornwall

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More about me

I have walked closely with death as an ally since my boyfriend killed himself when I was 19.  This has led me on a journey to really ask ‘what is death?’ and ‘what is life?’  For the last 36 years I have written poetry, created artworks, shrines, meditation shawls and blankets for friends and family who have died.  It is an ongoing exploration and each person I have met and worked with has been a great teacher.  Entering into the death doula path just seems to be a natural progression on that journey.  I grew up in Ireland where death was a domestic affair and witnessed bodies in the home since I was 7.  I would like to be able to offer people more choice around death and dying.  Hosting a Death Café supports me in hearing other’s viewpoints and I look forward to being able to be a companion for many other people as my training with Living Well Dying Well progresses.