Meg Elphee

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Meg Elphee

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I join this network as a trainee End of Life Doula living in Fife, Scotland. I began the training because I felt under-prepared for the death of my loved ones and myself. I am now seeing the benefits firsthand, and am motivated to compassionately support others, wherever I am needed most. The end of life can be a vulnerable and stressful time. Often very important decisions need to be made, with the advice from health and social care professionals, whilst navigating our own feelings and the emotions of friends and family. I see the role of a doula as a support, someone to stand alongside the dying, to empower them to make their own informed choices, and also to simply allow them some space to experience this in their own time. I would love to help build a community where the stigma of dying is removed, where talking about death is no longer taboo and where life is lived fully, right up to the last breath.