Laura Taylor

Offers doula services in London

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More about me

I’m an End-of-Life Doula based in London and in-training with ‘Living Well Dying Well’. I’m also developing a holistic healing practice alongside my doula work.


It has been said that Doulas are the bookends to life: there at the beginning and companions at the end. Death is something we all have in common. I believe in living well and dying well, as per the ethos of my training organisation. When individuals approach the end of their lives, I support them to live as well as they can and to die well in harmony with their wishes and desires. I also offer spiritual accompaniment for people of all faiths or none. I accompany people on their faith/spiritual journey, helping them to discover their inner treasure.


My role is a non-medical one. I ensure the wellbeing of my clients, their sense of self and identity. I offer compassionate listening and help people to plan for the death they really want, including funeral arrangements. I can work in an individual’s home, a hospice, a hospital or care home.  I also support the families of clients if/when required.  I’m a steady calm presence and can be relied upon and trusted right to the end.