Jude Evans

Offers doula services in Cheshire

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More about me

As a Doula I am passionate about supporting you and your loved ones to navigate the dying process and believe nobody should take their final journey unprepared and unsupported.

I have a calming presence, an ability to connect quickly and deeply with people. I’m comfortable in engaging in meaningful/mindful and sometimes difficult conversations. I am told that my presence and conversations have helped allay some of the deepest fears and anxieties in the people I have worked with.

My inspiration to do this honourable and sacred work came from the gentle, peaceful death of my beloved father from end stage dementia; I passionately believe that anybody who is facing the end of their life can benefit from the services a Doula can offer.

My favourite pastimes are spent walking in the natural world, travelling, dancing and having meaningful conversations.

Based in Cheshire I would also consider working further afield on a short term live in basis.