Helen Juffs

Offers doula services in West Midlands
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Helen Juffs

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‘a model student’ – fine artist – contemporary art gallery manager – chartered property surveyor – end of life doula and clinical reflexologist – it may not seem a straight forward career path but for the first time in my 50+ years I feel I have found my way to make a difference.  With hindsight I realise my mother and grandmother followed this route too – being asked to sit with the dying for their ability to hold space and their practical approach to dying.

I became interested in the work of doulas in 2016 during a challenging time with the onset of menopause and the difficult deaths of two close friends.  I now run my own private practice as a doula and reflexologist – volunteering with people with life limiting conditions at my local hospice.  My previous careers and personal experiences have given me multitude skills and insight in to many different lives. My motivation now is to help people have the best possible experience of dying.  I want to encourage and support people to engage with dying on their terms before they are confronted with the reality of death – to communicate calmly and non-judgementally in uncomfortable situations.

I am a Committee Member and a regional representative for End of Life Doula UK.