Gazala Makda

Offers doula services in East Sussex
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More about me

I want to support people in the transition of their life and be alongside them on their journey.  My strength lies in developing a quick rapport with people of all ages.  I do this best by actively listening, being non-judgemental and supportive through the process in whatever way the people need or just being there for them.  I take things in my stride and have a calming effect on people, and they find I am easy to talk with me.  I give support to individuals as well as to families before their loved one’s transition and afterwards help family deal with their loss and provide them with emotional and practical support.

I have worked both abroad and the NHS, as well as an independent expert witness in personal injury litigation, for over 35 years. I also bring direct experience of supporting my family members, friends and neighbour as well as my volunteering experience with the end of life transition, in my role as an End of Life Doula.

Gazala Makda

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