Felicity Pryor

Offers doula services in Suffolk
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More about me

I was introduced to Living Well Dying Well Network and the training through the Compassionate Companions project in Suffolk.  It has been inspiring and has prepared me to work as a doula giving time and space for those at end of life to be listened to without judgement. I offer help with Advance Planning as well as supporting practical, emotional, spiritual and other wishes before death.

I felt helpless when my mother died from cancer watching her fierce hope for life with no support to help her live her last days without fear or worry or even a conversation about dying.  I knew there had to be a better, more honest, open and supportive way.

I have been a learning support tutor for many years, supporting children with dyslexia, I am patient and calm, used to listening and encouraging, combined with a creative outlook and a love of nature, particularly swimming through winter in the river where I live on the Suffolk coast with my husband.  Our 4 children return home when they can, we cook together, laugh, walk, kayak and dance round the fire.