Emma Clare

Offers doula services in North Yorkshire
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Emma Clare

More about me

I am a trainee health psychologist, activist and nature lover living in York. My first job after I graduated in 2012 was as a home carer supporting people on ‘fast-track’ plans who wished to leave hospital to die at home. Since this role I have worked in services including looked-after children, autism & learning disabilities and adult mental health providing therapy and advocacy. Though I enjoyed these roles I knew that I ultimately wished to return to a role in end of life care. I have also supported both family members and people in my community with advance planning, during the dying process itself, and with subsequent loss and grief.

The research I am undertaking as part of my training is focused on improving communication in end of life care, the de-medicalisation of the dying process and compassionate communities. I am passionate about facilitating discussion between individuals and their families/medical professionals to enable them to express their wishes and preferences, and to support them in making these a reality. I believe that everyone has the right to a ‘good death’, whatever that looks like for them.