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Hello, I am Elodie, I am currently 32 years old (but that keeps changing!) and I come from France. I am training to become an end of life doula with Living Well Dying Well.

I love cooking, dancing, singing and being with dying is for me another aspect of life’s beauty. I am spiritual but don’t believe that everyone has to be. I trained in massage and Reiki. For the past few years I have been determined to make a friend out of death and help others do the same. I truly believe that we can have really meaningful lives if we dare “staring at the sun” and, wonderfully, this can happen at anytime in our lives and until the very end.

My mission as a doula is simply being with you, in life, in death, accepting whatever comes up and embracing life’s movements, sadness and joys. I want to support people at the end of their lives, along with their loved ones. I want to tell you that any feeling you may have is ok and the most important thing is to embrace them, but it’s also fine if you don’t. It’s just fine. I see myself as a “friend in the end”, and as a friend I will accept, I will refrain from judging and I (already) sincerely care.

As a doula I will be sometimes be a bridge, between people, professionals and thoughts and emotions.  I can be a hand that helps or supports. I can be a voice, when one feels unheard. I will be an ear, for anyone to speak their heart and mind. I can also be like furniture, silent, still, but here anyway, serving a purpose. I see being that friend in the end as a great honor, perhaps the greatest, and I will always consider the dying person’s voice as the most important in the room.

Photo of Elodie Fuentes, End of Life Doula