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Wllen Kydd

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The last 20 years of my life has been spent raising my 2 children. We live rurally, tend a small vegetable patch, keep chickens, and enjoy the connection with the passing seasons.

My work history is rooted in healing and health care. I worked within the NHS from the age of 16 – 29. Firstly, as an auxiliary nurse, then a student nurse and once qualified, as staff nurse. It was through my experiences during this time that I became curious about death and dying. It always seemed pressing that there was so much more at this transitional point than the medicalisation of disease and the dying process alone.

My interests are in the cycles of life, birth, death and all that lies in between. I am fascinated by the connections, behaviours, patterns and cyclical nature of all forms of life.

I began to train with Living Well Dying Well in 2011/2012 and have worked in the end of life Doula role ever since. I always feel it is a privilege to accompany people at this point in their life.

During this time, I have worked with the elderly and the not so elderly, and recently spent 8 months in a Hospice setting to bring my nursing qualification back to registration.

This Doula role has allowed me to remember and to offer what brought me to the bedside (nursing) in the first place; a compassionate and quiet witnessing of the human ex