Diane Corbett

Offers doula services in Midlands, Wales

Contact details

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More about me

I have over 30 years experience as a trained nurse. My nursing career has been amazing, I have covered most areas such as medical, surgical, children and hospice care. My real passion is palliative and end of life care.

In March 2021 I became self employed and set up my own business, DRC Doula Service Limited. I support people who have any life limiting condition, or elderly frail. Offering day/night or respite sits enables carer break. Discussions cover a person’s preferred place of care and death, DNAR / RESPECT etc.

It is a person centred, holistic approach. I also signpost to other services such as District Nursing teams, GP and the Hospice.

This role has provided me with great job satisfaction. Families leave such wonderful testimonials, confirming that the role is needed and really appreciated.