Candy Penfold

Offers doula services in South East
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More about me

Hi! I am Candy, and I am hoping to help you on your end of life journey.   I am no stranger to death – from a baby that died within me, to my ancestors who have passed before me, to people I have worked with and accompanied on their last days here with us in my various careers – I have been up close and personal with death, and seen the ugly and the beautiful moments grief, death and dying can bring.

I have also known great loneliness and been saved from it by the kindness of strangers (one of whom I decided to keep as a partner and best friend). I am warm and calm and love joy – my partner once told me that the words that encapsulate me are joie de vivre. I hope to share this joy of life with you.

To work with you would be a wonderful honour, if only to pay forward kindnesses shown to me in the moments I have needed help, and to ease any feelings of being alone you might be feeling.

Thank you for reading!