Doing Death Differently Conference Videos 2019

Saturday 30th March, St Mary’s Church,Wyndham Place, Marylebone, London. 10am to 4.30pm.  Thank you very much to Rebecca Kenyon and Phil Parker from Mote of Dust Films for the filming, directing and editing – lovely job!

Highlights of the day


Our Founder Hermione Elliott starting us all off


Kathryn Mannix talking about With The End in Mind


Mark Taubert – This is real life, not Holby City
















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Doing Death Differently Conference March 2019

Saturday 30th March, St Mary's Church,Wyndham Place, Marylebone, London. 10am to 4.30pm What a wonderful day that was.  See videos here of the day and hear our keynote speakers Hermione Elliott, Kathryn Mannix and Mark Taubert.  Thank you very much…...

Lizzie Timpson