Mandy Carpenter

I’m a Doula in training. I have taken the long road to get here but have gathered a range of experiences on route. My journey follows on from the death of my father. And my work with Cruse bereavement support, where I have supported children and adults for over 10 years and have witnessed some … Read more

Bernice Benton

As well as my work in supporting people and those important to them at end of life I am an independent celebrant specialising in end-of-life celebrations. By that I mean not only mainstream funerals (burials and cremations), also natural burials, memorials, living wakes, remembrance celebrations, laying/scattering of ashes.  I’m a huge advocate in encouraging families … Read more

Oliver Muller

I have been interested in death and dying for some years, though would struggle to explain why. After reading lots of books about the medicalisation of death, the denial of death in our society and the missed opportunities for a meaningful goodbye in too many families, I decided to train as a death doula. I  … Read more

Vron Williams

I am a retired nurse, Nonna (my preferred name as a grandmother) dog lover and allotment owner living in the Mumbles which is a sub district of Swansea. I firmly believe that we need to have conversations about death and dying, making plans as we do for other events in our lives. After the death … Read more

Sonja Friend

I am at the beginning (2022) in supporting people and those important to them at end of life . I believe, however, that my training to become an End of Life Doula combined with my background in law, mental health specialist advocacy and therapies of all kinds with a focus on reflexology (which I have … Read more

Miriam Day

Hello. I’m Miriam and I live in Wales. I have worked as a healthcare professional for twenty five years (feels unbelievable to me too!) and have always enjoyed the privilege of being able to share and be allowed into parts of people’s life journey. The first death I saw was my Grandad’s – in his … Read more

Diane Corbett

I have over 30 years experience as a trained nurse. My nursing career has been amazing, I have covered most areas such as medical, surgical, children and hospice care. My real passion is palliative and end of life care. In March 2021 I became self employed and set up my own business, DRC Doula Service … Read more

Yen Robinson

Photo of Yen Robinson, End of Life Doula

The death of my father I believe was the start of my journey to become a ‘death doula’ or as I prefer an ‘amicus mortis’, a friend in death.   I decided to educate myself and understand better what it is to die, why we and our loved ones are so often ill prepared for something … Read more

Hazel Osborne

I am passionate about advocating for individuals and their families enabling them to take ownership of this precious time together.  I am comfortable facilitating challenging conversations and not afraid of hard work.  The skills I offer include emotional support, helping facilitate logistics, advance care planning and being a bridge with health care professionals.  I believe that even … Read more