Clare Fleming

Witnessing hospice care and experiencing loss moved me to explore the privilege and honour of accompanying someone contemplating or nearing the end of their life. With a background in television production, I have taken gentle steps to learn and develop the approach and skills of a doula supported by the extraordinary training that Living Well … Read more

Laura Taylor

I’m an End-of-Life Doula based in London and in-training with ‘Living Well Dying Well’. I’m also developing a holistic healing practice alongside my doula work.   It has been said that Doulas are the bookends to life: there at the beginning and companions at the end. Death is something we all have in common. I … Read more

Judy Knox

Photo of Judy Knox, End of Life Doula UK

I am a Doula in training with Living Well Dying Well and live in London with my husband and 22 year old son.  My mantra for life is ‘carpe diem’ and I believe in living life to the full and enjoying all that I am blessed with. Death has become a taboo subject in today’s … Read more

Toby Lee-Manning

Photo of Toby Lee-Manning

To those of us who see this role as a calling, we’ve all taken a unique path to arrive here. My path has been filled with opportunities to adjust to change, all the while practicing compassion and empathy from a position of rationality. I feel these qualities are established features not only in the way … Read more

Caroline Dent

Hi, I’m Caro.  My aim is to ensure that the dying person feels truly held right up to their last breath, and although feelings of sadness and regret are natural at this time, it is important to make space for celebration and laughter too. Having experienced death anxiety early  in my  life, I see my role … Read more

Vicky Sullivan

The book “Being Mortal” had been in my Amazon wish list for a while until in November 2017 I finally listened to its calling.  I truly feel that it was life changing or rather life enhancing as I quickly became convinced that there must be a better way of “dealing” with our loved ones and … Read more

Catherine Shovlin

I bring a wealth of life experience to the doula role having worked in large companies, charities and running my own business in the UK and overseas. I have lived in other countries so know something of how that can feel and have worked with people from many cultures. I consider myself open minded and … Read more

Lilette Denton

I am passionate that every individual that needs end of life care, regardless of where they call home and whether or not they have a learning disability or mental health illness must be treated with dignity and respect, and must be given the opportunity to have a choice and say in their care. I embrace … Read more

Emma Dixon

I am a barrister specialising in human rights law and I am a mother to three teenage children. I was moved by the death of my lovely mother to train as an end of life doula. I believe that we all need to understand more about the end of life. Dying is still living.  The … Read more