End of Life Doula UK was established in June 2018 as a community of practice and a membership association for Doulas who have trained or are in training with Living Well Dying Well.  We work with individuals who are approaching the end of their lives, and those to close them. Our ethos is that of building Compassionate Communities who can support a dying person, the elderly, those living with dementia, and their family, friends and neighbours, to get the practical and emotional support they need; guiding them through, and being alongside, with dying, death and bereavement.


  • EOLDUK is a Community Interest Company acting as a membership body.
  • An annual membership fee will be payable on joining and on the anniversary of joining thereafter.
  • Membership is required to be in receipt of membership benefits. Details of membership benefits can be found here

Approval for Membership

All applications for membership must be approved by a minimum of two Directors of the CIC. The decision to approve or decline an application is at their discretion and is final. Reasons for not accepting an application include, but are not limited to, acting in a way which is believed to be lacking in integrity; bringing EOLDUK or Living Well Dying Well into disrepute; denigrating, in a public forum, Living Well Dying Well, EOLDUK and any individual within the Network; mis representing experience or training with LWDW; operating in a manner which is not congruent with the Code of Practice. Similarly, these are grounds for withdrawing membership.

Cessation of membership

  • When the annual membership fee has not been paid after 3 months of the renewal date
  • A member gives written notice to the Membership Secretary of EOLDUK.


All members are expected to show respect and tolerance to other members and their opinions. Any disrespect shall be dealt with by the Committee in private. The Committee’s decision will be final. Members with a grievance shall

forward their case in writing to the Committee who after private investigation shall generate an unbiased ruling. The

Committee’s decision will be final.

Equal Opportunities

EOLDUK has an Equality and Diversity Policy. We will not discriminate on the grounds of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage or civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation.

Directors of the Community Interest Company (CIC)

The minimum and maximum number of Directors allowable are two and five. Directors (or replacements) will be appointed by the existing Directors in consultation with the EOLDUK Committee.

Committee and Officers

  • The Directors of the CIC may delegate any powers which are conferred to them under the Articles of Association for the CIC
    • The Committee will comprise at least two Directors of the CIC (not elected)
      • One will be the Chair of the CIC (who will be a Director of the CIC, selected by the other Directors of the CIC) who will be Chair of the Committee, chairing both general and committee meetings
      • The attendance of the second Director for each meeting will normally alternate between the Directors.
    • Membership Secretary
    • Company Secretary who shall be responsible for finances and governance
    • Two to Five Members who are members of EOLDUK and have skills and experience to benefit the CIC
  • Committee Members (bar the Directors), will serve for a period of 2 years and are eligible for re-election at the end of their term of office
  • The Directors of the CIC may decide to co-opt others to the Committee according to experience to work on a specific project as and when needed
  • Any committee member not attending a meeting without an apology for three months will be contacted by the Directors and asked if they wish to resign.

Annual General Meetings (AGM) and other meetings

  • An AGM will be held once a year and no longer than 15 months from the previous one held.
  • A minimum of 7 clear days’ notice of an AGM will be given.
  • Members can submit items for discussion once notification of AGM has been given.
  • The Quorum must have 10% of the membership or 10 members (whichever is the greater number) in attendance for it to elect or make decisions on its behalf.
  • The committee will normally meet monthly either by face to face meeting or Zoom.

Rules of procedure for AGM and meetings

  • If consensus cannot be reached a vote will be taken and a decision will be made by simple majority of members present. If the number of votes cast on each side is equal, the chair of the meeting shall have an additional casting vote.
  • Meetings will be normally organised by the Committee Secretary.
  • Minutes will be taken at every meeting.


  • A bank account will be maintained.
  • At least two Directors will authorise payments and act as signatories for payments
  • Records of income and expenditure will be maintained and a financial statement given at each committee meeting.
  • Annual Statement of Accounts will be presented to the Annual General Meeting.

Amendments to the Constitution

  • Amendments to this constitution may be made by the Directors in consultation with the Committee and communicated at the Annual General Meeting or at an Extraordinary General Meeting.


The dissolution will be conducted in accordance with the Articles of Association.

EOLDUK Constitution revised 4 October 2022