Admitting the Possibilities of Error


I am blessed to find myself in New Zealand for the duration of the immediate global lockdown due to COVID 19. Despite having limited drawing materials to hand I want to make a daily response honouring the lives lost to this extraordinary disease. Each day I make time to mindfully complete one small drawing and notate the total number of deaths recorded by Our World In Data These figures are inherently errors since they record only confirmed deaths from COVID 19 invariably not including people dying at home, in nursing homes or as a result of other medical conditions impacted by lockdown I shall periodically update this page. If, in response, you would like support the Telephone Responder work of EOL Doula UK I will be most grateful. Thank you.

By Kirsten Lavers



January 20th 2020  – 0 Deaths                                          January 27th – 86 Deaths

April 2nd 2020 – 46,891 Deaths

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